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Just Kids


Why wait? Become young!  A visit to  “Just Kids” at the Samuel Owen Gallery will both transport and delight you.  Travel back to the days of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Star Wars.   The Samuel Owen Gallery is pleased to announce their holiday show, “Just Kids”, opening Thursday, November 29th in the gallery’s new space at 382 Greenwich Avenue. There will be an artist’s reception from 6-9 p.m. 

“Just Kids” features new cartoon character pieces by Todd Lim as well as new additions to the popular “Lego Wars” series by Dale May.  You’ll meet Yogi Bear and Yoda; Deputy Dog and Darth Vader, Rebel Pilots and Roadrunner, captured in vibrant color and impossible to resist. Lim’s work will be exclusively paint and canvas for this show, and the Dale May works are acrylic mounted photographs, making a choice of mediums as well as characters-- something for everyone. Become young.  Enjoy “Just Kids.”

Just Kids

Nov 29, 2012 – Jan 3, 2013