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Greenwich, CT - Friday, March 3rd, 2017, 6-8pm

Samuel Owen Gallery announces opening of

Samuel Owen Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of the three-artist show,, featuring Gian Garofalo, James McNabb, and Laurence Vallières.

Since the spring of 2016, Gian Garofalo has been exhibited at Samuel Owen Gallery, and this is the gallery’s first show presenting Garofalo’s work alongside that of newly represented artists James McNabb and Laurence Vallières.


Gian Garofalo strives to evoke a curiosity and, in his words, to “…slightly alter the chemistry of a room and give something to the viewer.” The artist favors using nontraditional materials to explore color, tone, and texture. Garofalo meticulously applies resin to wooden panels, creating vertical stripes that slowly gravitate to the base, ultimately punctuating the work with intriguingly suspended paint droplets.

James McNabb, a mark-making woodworker, blends traditional elements of woodcraft with more experimental construction techniques. Using the self-described method of “sketching with a band saw”, the artist works without preliminary design development to capture the fast-paced, crude mark-making that is a hallmark of contemporary urban art. Largely inspired by cityscapes, McNabb exhibits sociological concepts regarding the transformations of cities and urban landscapes, and creates his work as a “…reference to the idea that cities are the land of endless opportunity.”

Canadian artist Laurence Vallières works in a variety of mediums, constructing animal forms using cardboard, drawings, ceramic sculptures, and street art. She creates lighthearted visual appeal coupled with an understated sense of humor. Her animals are often endearing stand-ins for political issues and social behaviors.

Mar 3 – Apr 15, 2017